Engage players around the world with your city and local vendors
How it works
Super-powers of city games
Branding & Engagement Let people visit, interact and learn about the city through a fun game universe.
Insights & Permissions Get valuable insights and email permissions from users through an endless stream of GDPR-compliant data.
In-game revenue Use the revenue generated through IAP and ads for further game development and marketing.
Voucher Marketplace Have local businesses promote great offers through the voucher shop connected to the game.
Case study:
Play London with Mr Bean
With the Play London with Mr Bean project we have created a new way of using mobile gaming and gamification to brand a city, present areas, tell stories and explore remote neighbourhoods.
We have used the world famous character Mr Bean - a social media super star - to guide our players around London. The project is done in collaboration with London & Partners and Endemol Shine Group.
Play London with Mr Bean

Mr Bean, a globally known Londoner, was chosen to star in the game and invite people to play and explore London. The game has over 500 levels in neighbourhoods spread around the city. Each game update has brought a reskin that matched a seasonal event such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Wimbledon. During seasonal campaigns voucher shop offers themed rewards.

Release date: October, 2016
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4 pillars of city games
City officials

The official partner that is responsible for the city brand can provide valuable insights and content along with an access to local partners - businesses, sponsors, marketing channels, etc. Pointvoucher can help do the ground work to close the deals.

Game IP

To make the game much more appealing a famous ambassador can be used through a brand licensing partnership, similar to Mr Bean. This will ensure more organic downloads and cheaper install prices for paid user acquisition.

It is a way to build a city game design on an existing universe of the game character.


The tech and platform partner that will produce a game wrapped in the universe of a game IP and the city. The game is connected to a GDPR-compliant platform which gives users their own private account and access to vouchers.

We will provide marketing support, customer support and tech support, if needed.

Local Brands

The platform contains a marketplace where local and global brands and attractions can publish great offers to drive traffic to their stores e.g. a 2-for-1 deal, free coffee, discount on a entrance ticket and much more.

The platform can be used free of charge, but the offers need to be attractive.

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