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10% off online purchases at Maille
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Once you have redeemed the voucher, use the code given to you at checkout to get the full benefits of the offer!

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May 31, 2020
Terms & Conditions
Each voucher has a game value of 2,000 Pointvoucher points. The Voucher is personal and can only be used/redeemed by the user who claimed the Voucher on Pointvoucher voucher shop. The Voucher cannot be exchanged to its monetary value and it is not allowed to be resold. In the attempt to resell the Voucher, the Voucher will be revoked and the points used to claim the Voucher will be lost. To claim the Voucher, you will have to claim this using the points you have earned playing one of our games. The Voucher can be redeemed until 31/12/2020 The Voucher cannot be returned and your points cannot be reinstated on your Pointvoucher account. https://uk.maille.com/pages/terms-of-sale-1
Redeem this voucher to get 10% off your next online purchase at Maille, your one-stop shop for mustard and other condiments! La Maison Maille firmly believes that the right condiment can truly define a meal. Fundamental to the character and quality of La Maison Maille mustards are the unique recipes on which the products are based, developed by their expert team together with a culinary chef. In creating new products each year, the team explores the subtle combination of ingredients in order to achieve a complex taste profile, an appealing aroma, the desired texture, the right colour. These are then tested and validated against different criteria before being approved for production.
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