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60% off PLUS extra 10% off at Missguided
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-4d -13h 15m
1 pr.person
Where to redeem

Once you redeem the voucher, simply use the code at checkout on the Missguided website to take advantage of this offer!

Voucher expiry date
July 5, 2020
Terms & Conditions
Each voucher has a game value of 2,500 voucher points. The voucher is personal and can only be redeemed by the user who claimed the voucher through the Pointvoucher voucher shop. The voucher cannot be exchanged to its monetary value and cannot be resold. In an attempt to resell the voucher, the voucher will be revoked and the points used to claim the voucher will be lost. To claim the voucher, you can do so by using the points you have earned playing a game that has the Pointvoucher platform integrated. The voucher can be redeemed until 05/07/2020. The voucher cannot be returned and your points cannot be refunded to your Pointvoucher account. The voucher can only be redeemed at the location stated on the voucher. Please read “where to redeem” for more information. The voucher is provided by Missguided and made available on the Pointvoucher platform. Pointvoucher and Missguided strives to keep information and content updated and correct at all times, but cannot guarantee that it will always be flawless and complete. Therefore, Pointvoucher and Missguided reserve the right for print errors or errors associated with the voucher. Further reservations are made for changes in assortment and sold out items. Pointvoucher and Missguided cannot be held responsible for errors on the internet or failure to receive requests for vouchers. Pointvoucher and Missguided have the right to change the voucher conditions or end the vouchere offer without notice, if deemed necessary. In this case, Pointvoucher and Missguided also have the right to not send the voucher and affected users will be asked to choose a new product in the voucher store that has an equivalent point value.
Get an extra 10% off on top of the 60% off sale at Missguided! The Missguided brand: Our mission is to empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be. Missguided is a bold, straight talking and forward thinking fashion brand inspired by real life that aims to do exactly that. Everything we create is informed by our customer along with global influences like social media, street style, and popular culture, creating a destination that delivers and encompasses everything it means to be a girl on the go in the world today.
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